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level 2 SPANISH

Spanish Homeschool Curriculum for kids


Up your skills and start taking Spanish outside the home!


A kit that has everything you need to get up your child's language with just 3 lessons a week. Your child will be able to:

  • Do your morning routine in Spanish (read: conquer reflexive verbs!)

  • Talk to and about others, including making new friends and asking if they need help

  • Master conjugating, verbs, listening comprehension, translating, and more!

Learn Spanish with the idea that you're going to use it in real life circumstances, all through our innovative new ways to learn the "hard stuff"!

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Get ready to get ready

Our #1 goal at Homeschool Languages will always be to slowly have the new language replace English in our most commonly repeated activities at home, so that slowly we're creating an immersive environment. Cue: learning the "getting ready" verbs! (There's a certain joy of having your kids understand the commands like "wash your hands!" "get ready" "put on your clothes!!" in yet ANOTHER language... haha!)

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Includes 12 new books

They grow along with you and pick up new words and conjugations when you do! These aren't extra reading. They're now incorporated into the curriculum and lessons (with some lovely follow-up comprehension questions!)

Talk to others

We take away the fear of meeting new people.

It's not about memorizing phrases you will most DEFINITELY encounter each time someone finds out you're learning Spanish, we just sneak in new conjugations and verbs and apply them to real-life circumstances so they're more fun to learn!

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Culture and art

We use beautiful parts of the cultures of Spanish speaking countries to further the understanding of the language. You might ask Dalí where he's from, or learn where to put the pronoun on gerunds from Picasso (after all, he chose whatever side of the face to put ears or noses on, we can choose where to put our pronoun too!)

Verbs without the drills

Be motivated to learn more and more. Each verb has a reason to be memorized; it could be mentioned in the native songs you're learning or it's how you express yourself better to your new friends. Either way- they're not just WORDS ...they're more chances to connect with others.

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As always, GAMES

Oh did we say "matching bean bags"? We meant please practice your reflexive pronouns... but we like the first way better ;) At least that's what our 6 year olds are saying about our innovative new ways to learn the "hard stuff"!

Helping others

Better express how you feel and when/where you're hurt. Learn through games, songs, and role play of helping others!

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You're ready to get to work? We're ready to keep up.

98 lessons- at 3 lessons a week you'll have more than 8-9 months straight of Spanish study ready to go.

...and still, no obligation to be able to write or read in this level. We know you have enough worksheets in your other subjects! Just play and live the language like you did your first!

And that's just the PDF version...

We prioritized making level 2 a beautiful "print-at-home" curriculum.

BUT, the physical set is beautiful and durable, with everything ready to go.


Physical set includes:

-Wooden guess who boards+characters

-Gorgeous hard covered storybook

-Canvas verb chart

(to hold and display what you're learning!)

-Metal pin awards for verbs learned

(they go on the canvas chart to show off!)

-Long lasting protective box (it's magnetic too!)

-Reinforced verb cards to last your year of play

-Dictionary edition curriculum in EACH set (translation/pronunciation in the margins!)

-A conjugation PLAY MAT for our active learners (and on a wooden board for when you're on the go!)