Finally, an open & go
language curriculum.

Teach your child to speak a new language through simple games and cultural studies!

homeschool character
homeschool character
homeschool character
homeschool character
homeschool character
Mom homeschooling daughter
Homeschool Portuguese Curriculum



In blue are the directions for YOU, the black is what you read aloud. Bold is the easily identifiable new language!⁠

Everything you'll need is included :)

homeschool language curriculum

A full course curriculum in one box


6 months of engaging lessons made for kids aged 4-10! 

History to landmarks, traditions to sports:

it goes beyond just words.

Culture is carefully woven throughout the curriculum to

enhance the magic of the language!

maccu piccu
peru flag
peruvian culture - woman
Aji de gallina
Father homeschooling son



Get used to being begged to practice the new language "just one more time!"

Have a student who

doesn't read yet?

We thought of that, too.

The curriculum was made with non-readers in mind. 

No worksheets, no matching words, just PLAY.



#srrynotsrry, but we don't begin with farm animals and introducing yourself. We start with words you're using daily in your home- making it a LIVING, immersive language in your home.

homeschooling family

Just twice a week...

you've got this!


Homeschool Languages is used just 2 times a week, and our trial participants report it takes only about 15-30 minutes each lesson. It's meant to easily adapt to your life, not take over it.

German homeschool curriculum
German homeschool curriculum