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Our story

Besides our native reviewers, each member of the Homeschool Language team not only spent significant time in another country fully immersed in the language, they completed higher education in that language. Half the team has master's degrees in foreign language education! We were prepared before this work even began. 

But then we had children. Work and education were left behind to rear them, but at the same time, life got too busy to teach them what we've been hiding in our hearts- a perfect love for another culture, another language. 

Finally, we started to work on a program just for our children... then it got out to our neighborhoods, whoever could come by for a lesson. And now you're seeing it-- the lessons we've taught in our homes for our own children and neighbors- practiced and prepared with our own family to then share with the world.

Homeschool Languages is growing along with us and our children, we'll continue to create as long as we see a need for it. More levels, more languages, we're excited to see where this journey takes us!

We can't wait for you to feel the swell of love that understanding a different culture can bring into your heart.

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