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We're saying "Ciao" (goodbye) to Italian!

Let's celebrate the end of a great run with 30% off on all Italian resources. (Once our physical supply runs out, the digital version will continue to remain available at a discounted price).

Do you dream of a home where language flourishes effortlessly?

Unleash your family's potential with our innovative language curriculum.

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Building a bilingual home...

made simple

With expert (scripted!) guidance, this kit effortlessly weaves language into your daily life. No prep needed—just open, gather, and enjoy creating a bilingual space for your family!


Our kit, designed for those unfamiliar with the language and fluent speakers alike, makes it easy with just 2 lessons a week. Your child will be able to:

  • Ask and answer basic questions.

  • Follow common daily commands.

  • Enjoy short, common conversations in your home!


Full Curriculum
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While we appreciate your support,
we will be discontinuing our Italian curriculum. 
However, we will continue to offer it's original version in PDF form and it's physical version while supplies last (at a discounted price because it will not have the updates the other languages continually receive), and will continue to create future vocabulary units in Italian. Grazie mille for your understanding and feel free to explore our other language offerings!



"Discover and Speak"

Lay the foundation with essential greetings and build confidence in everyday communication skills.

Choose The Option That Suits Your Style + Budget

Select the method that suits your preferences and learning style. Our Physical Box is perfect for those who love the tangible experience, while the PDF Print-at-Home Version offers instant access. For maximum flexibility, grab our Bundle, including both options at a special price of $199.

*Only ONE set needed per family :)

Physical Box - $159

Get the full experience with our Physical Box. Includes all the beautiful materials you need to open and go.


PDF (Print-at-Home) Version - $89

Allowing you the freedom to print from home for added convenience or in case of any misplacements.