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  • The curriculum book: 40 lessons, with extra practice and 4 unit reviews that replace lesson days. Perfect for about 6 months of study.

  • Booklets: 3 books that have a total of 17 booklets inside. These booklets review phrases taught and help the child gain confidence in taking the language they're learning to the outside world.

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  • A game board and pieces: A simple, double-sided game board that can be used for a variety of games that reinforce language learning. (Pieces are physical copy only- board is included in printable version.)

  • Vocabulary and phrase cards: Although they can be used as flashcards, they are used for different games (i.e. set up the location cards around the room, a student will draw from one set of location cards and head there while you ask, in the new language,  "where are you going?", and they respond "I'm going to my friend's house!" etc.) 

  • Display cards: A few cards you can display around your home to help you remember to use your new phrases in daily life!

  • Puppet: The puppet is used as a co-teacher in the lessons, an expert that verifies what is taught. It provides the student an escape into an imaginary world where they really need to speak the new language in order to communicate with this new friend. The puppet provides more opportunities for the student to verbalize and practice new vocabulary. Another way you can utilize the puppet is to have the student wear it if they're feeling shy. This way, the puppet acts as a mask for the student and take the sting out of wrong answers- you can quiz the puppet instead of the student to take away some anxiety. (included in physical copy only)

  • Inflatable globe: We refer to different countries in the curriculum, so you'll need a globe like this one! We also use it to practice words like "pass me that," or "give me it, please" and "here you go." What they use while they play with the ball they'll transfer to the dinner table or anywhere else! (physical copy only)

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