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Start with the full curriculum, then add on vocab units and more!

*note, these are all DIGITAL resources.

Connect better, create empathy, and deepen understanding by furthering your knowledge of a language and its people. We're adding more courses that help you teach about the foods, history, culture, and even dances of the world!

New Years Resolution:
a year of home vocabulary

This new year, start a goal you'll be sure to achieve. Learn just a few words a week with themed months (4 weeks for each of the 12 themes), all relating to home vocabulary so you can put it all into practice right away. (Not dated so you can begin anytime!) *this product covers different vocab than the units so you're able to use them both.


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New Years Unit
Chores Unit.jpg

Vocabulary Units

The full course curriculum offers a LOT of vocabulary and phrases, but languages just have SO much more we couldn't fit in it! These units are a fun way to add more vocabulary to your home life in a simple way. 


-4 unit lessons in a no-prep format

(to be used once a week, easy to add as the 3rd day of language study a week or while waiting for the next level to launch!)

-Short story book that reviews the vocabulary words learned in the unit

-Flashcards used for play (and review in the future)

-At least one simple game that solidifies what is being taught, in a playful way

-A fun activity is always included to help you use your new vocabulary in a natural setting


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Bites of Culture
cookbook + workbook

You can talk the talk, but can you eat the eats?? Really jump into a culture by making the 10 most popular (and simple!) foods representing our 5 languages (50 recipes total!). 

*Initially created because we wanted simple recipes to start teaching our kids how to cook... we're using this book to check off the culture bit at the same time!

Includes a workbook where you'll learn just a little more about the recipe and its history and culture. You'll then make and discuss them, flashcards to play and associate them with their foreign names, do crossword puzzles and coloring pages to encourage you to look closer at the foods... all so that next time someone asks "You speak Portuguese?! Have you tried Pão de Queijo?" you can join in on the conversation.


25 days of 5 minute activities!

Embark on a festive language-learning journey with our Christmas Advent! Each day brings a simple delightful surprise, blending language and cultural learning with the festive spirit. Whether you enjoy daily readings or scripture memorization to engage your language skills, learn Christmas vocab and new carols, watch videos that immerse you in culture, or relish crafting prompts that spark creativity, our simple Christmas Advent promises a joyful and enriching language-learning experience throughout the holiday season.

Download includes all 3 advents available:

Spanish, French, and German.

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The Language of Dance

This course includes videos that help you teach basic steps of 6 dances that represent 6 countries, one for English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Portuguese.

You'll connect with the languages, culture, and most impressively, world history. Did you know Napoleon Bonaparte was a real life prince charming, being one of the first to open palaces to both wealthy and commoner to waltz together? This course includes thought provoking questions such as why he would do that, or how can you be bold like Queen Victoria (who popularized the waltz by dancing it at her wedding!) and share something you love even if its not popular... Or how can you connect with someone that is hard to get along with like the Argentine people did with Russia by sharing the tango?

This fun and active curriculum will be released May 2024!

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