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NOTE: This is a printable PDF.


Going through the curriculum a second time? Have a student who is cruising through the curriculum? Want to fill in the gaps?


Now that your student is familiar with the language, let's take an extra look at what they've learned and focus in on the language details (they've been hearing it all this time, now we just give some extra practice to draw their attention to it!).


This workbook includes 40 extra practice sheets that follow the 40 lessons in the curriculum and touch on things like correct and matching adjective endings and articles, more verb endings practice, and more. It is not a curriculum itself nor is it required to do the curriculum, it simply adds in extra review for our visual learners studing with the Level 1 language curriculum. 


The student doesn't have to know how to read to perform these activities, however they'll need help from the teacher if they don't. Otherwise most lessons can be done as solo work.

Completely optional, the curriculum itself is full without the workbook.


Currently only in PDF format for at home printing- NOT a physical product.

French Workbook (PDF)

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$15.00Sale Price




    "...this curriculum really shines in how playful it is and how sneakily it teaches grammar.....if your little loves imaginative play - this is a lovely curriculum."

    -Valerie B.

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    "I can't believe 

    how well and how much we’ve learned in just the first unit alone."

    We are loving French so so much! I can’t believe how well and how much we’ve learned in just the first unit alone.

    And it progresses at a good rate. I know I’m apprehensive about starting something and then it gets too hard and then we quit. But this has been so wonderful and just challenging enough for us!

    So thank you for this wonderful resource!

    -Kara S.

    History to landmarks, traditions to sports:

    it goes beyond just words.

    Culture is carefully woven throughout the curriculum to

    enhance the magic of the language!

    unit reviews-1.png

    Have a student who

    doesn't read yet?

    We thought of that, too.

    The curriculum was made with non-readers in mind. 

    No worksheets, no matching words, just PLAY.

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