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connecting families thru language


Don't miss a precious opportunity
by focusing on worksheets.

Just start speaking.

"I've noticed a big difference in my daughter's willingness to take risks in speaking another language.

Forever a perfectionist, she resisted using the French words she knew in the past, but now she speaks many words and even full phrases!"


Mom homeschooling daughter
benefits of homeschooling
Benefits of Homeschool Languages
homeschool language curriculum

An entire course

in one box


6 months of engaging,

award winning lessons made for

kids aged 4-10! 




In blue are the directions for YOU, the black is what you read aloud. Bold is the easily identifiable new language.


"It literally tells you what to do and say"

History to landmarks, traditions to sports:

it goes beyond just words.

Culture is carefully woven throughout the curriculum to

enhance the magic of the language!

maccu piccu
peruvian culture - woman
Aji de gallina
peru flag
Father homeschooling son



"I just started level 1 with my 1, 4 & 6 yo & they are loving it. I taught Spanish for 10 years to high school & middle school so this has been such a blessing having appropriate engaging lessons for elementary and I don’t have to lesson plan!

They absolutely love the games

and the puppet oh and the books and well just everything." -Desiree H.

French homeschool curriculum

Have a student who

doesn't read yet?

We thought of that, too.

The curriculum was made with non-readers in mind. 

No worksheets, no matching words, just PLAY.



#srrynotsrry, but we don't begin with farm animals and introducing yourself. We start with words you're using daily in your home- making it a LIVING and IMMERSIVE language in your home.

homeschooling family

Just twice a week...

you've got this!


Homeschool Languages is used just 2 times a week, and takes only 15-30 minutes each lesson. It's meant to easily adapt to your life, not take over it.

"I can't believe 

how well and how much we’ve learned in just the first unit alone."

We are loving French so so much! I can’t believe how well and how much we’ve learned in just the first unit alone.

And it progresses at a good rate. I know I’m apprehensive about starting something and then it gets too hard and then we quit. But this has been so wonderful and just challenging enough for us!

So thank you for this wonderful resource!

-Kara S.

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