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curriculum add-on:

By the end of 4 simple and playful lessons, you'll have transformed a part of your daily routine into a new language!


-4 unit lessons in a no-prep format

(to be used once a week, easy to add as the 3rd day of language study a week or while waiting for the next level to launch!)

-Short story book that reviews the vocabulary words learned that month

(use it to teach and for review in the

future when you're done with the unit)

-Flashcards used for play

(and can be used for review in the future)

-At least one simple game that solidifies what is being taught in a playful way

-A fun activity is always included to help you use your new vocabulary in a natural setting

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Start speaking in more varied situations.


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*Units are sent out on the 8th of each month. 
Sign up by the 7th to get the subscription unit delivered on the 8th!