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Thank you for supporting us by sharing Homeschool Languages with others!

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Enjoy this extra Shopping unit as a thank you!


It's an example of what our future subscriptions will be like- simple units that add more "real life" vocabulary so you can slowly create an immersive atmosphere in your own home.

It includes 4 lessons- designed to be used weekly (or more often!). Since the curriculum is used twice a week, these topic units you can add as a third day of study!

Each lesson within it is progressive- start with memorizing the words, then play games with them (board and cards included!), and finally get points on your bingo card for using the new phrases in real life. Ta-daaa.. you've just immersed your child in a new language!!

And as always, an extra booklet you can use as review. We're excited for you, let us know how your unit goes!

How to use:

Print and cut the "printables" pages.

Print and bind/hold punch the lesson pages.

Gather the materials in the "required materials" section of the lesson page, and begin!

Blue tells you what to do,

Black tells you what to say.


Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

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